You Are Now Entering A Plastic Straw-Free Zone

PROBLEM: 500 million plastic straws are used in the United States alone every day.

Plastic straws are used once, then discarded. Many are destined for landfills, but others find their ways into streams, rivers, and eventually the ocean where they become choking hazards to marine animals and leach toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans.

This spring, Duke Sustainable Ocean Alliance, the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, the Ocean Policy Working Group, and the Coastal Society are working to be a part of the solution. We are running a campus-wide campaign against plastic straws in an effort to reduce Duke's plastic waste load and help combat dangerous plastic marine debris in our oceans.  

GOAL: Remove plastic straws from Duke's campus by the end of March, and introduce a more sustainable paper straw option for those who need them.



Step 1: Attend the 'Straws' Screening

Join us on February 22nd at the Durham Arts Council for a screening of the documentary 'Straws,' which highlights the dangers of plastic straws in the ocean and shows how simple choices can help us be a part of the solution. Director Linda Booker will be part of a panel discussion after the film.

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Step 2: Take the Pledge

The solution starts with you! Take the pledge to refuse plastic straws, and share with a friend! Nothing says responsibility like accountability. Instead, consider investing in more sustainable alternatives such as metal or paper straws.

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Step 3: Sign the Petition

Show your support by signing a petition asking Duke Dining to stop providing plastic straws from on-campus dining facilities, reducing Duke's plastic waste and saving vendors money. With plastic straws banned, Duke can look into providing more sustainable paper alternatives for those who need straws.

We are targeting plastic straws, not all straws! For those who require a straw, or prefer to use one, check out these sustainable alternatives!